Terms and Conditions

Before accessing any information or proceeding to shop from our website www.orgasmsextoy.com, it is very important for all to read our terms and conditions in detail. While reading, one must rather understand, accept and abide by each and every point stated here.

  • We have a defined age limit for all our users. One must be 18 years of age and above, who will then be eligible to buy products from our store. In such a case, the user has to confirm his/her age and accordingly, we will process the order. If he/she is below 18, the order will not be accepted.
  • We allow a time span of 48 hours to initiate a return request for any product that has been delivered wrongly or damaged in transit. If the customer takes more than this to place the request, we will not accept the same, no matter what the reason or circumstance is.
  • On behalf of us, if any wrong product gets delivered, we will get it replaced and no refund. Even if it is damaged, the user needs to send a request and we will replace the product as soon as possible.
  • The customer is strictly prohibited from sending used products for return. We only deal in fresh products and this eliminates all chances to accept products that have been already used. Only if the product delivered is irrelevant in respect to the one that was ordered initially by the customer, the return request will be processed.
  • The intention of keeping our product details confidential for customers is respecting their privacy. Therefore, we sell products to customers for private use. Since we are against selling out products for business purposes, we expect our customers to never let our products share with anyone else.
  • If the reason of causing damage to the product is the customer, we will not accept any request for return.