Secure Payment

Our secure payment method

Orgasm Sex Toy considers its customers precious and therefore intends to keep them happy and satisfied with its services. Keeping this in mind, it has come up with flexible payment schemes for all its customers who will now be able to make payments with no complications.

Here are our payment modes through which customers can shop with us:

Cash on Delivery (COD) – Online shopping has been made extremely convenient owing to this hassle-free payment procedure. The customer here just needs to wait for the order to be received. Once received, he/she just needs to check the product if possible, and then proceed to pay cash to the delivery boy. One will be able to avail this payment facility if his/her shopping limit does not exceed Rs. 40,000.

Paying online – There are several ways through which the payment can be processed online:


  1. Depositing money to the bank directly – A big advantage of this payment facility is that one transfer funds directly to the bank account. This eliminates the use of paper checks.
  1. Debit/Credit Card – Making payments through debit or credit card is also quite safe and convenient. The card details are all kept confidential and the user can process the payment with confidence.
  1. Paytm – Making payment electronically is a recent trend and Paytm is one such mode that accepts payments without any charges.
  1. National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) – This is another electronic mode of transferring funds and can be used conveniently by smartphone users. This requires the receiver to have a bank account, along with the NEFT facility.
  1. Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) – If you want to make payments in an instant with no possible delays, IMPS is the payment mode you should avail. Here the funds are also transferred electronically.

          Apart from these, we deliver orders and allow people to avail COD at major cities throughout India.