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Good news is that you are no more required to make it a pricey affair while buying your favorite sex toys in India. Just take a look at our online store and you will come to know everything about our exceptional range of sex toys and accessories. No matter which part of your body you wish to be stimulated or how you want to make your partner get orgasmic, the online range of sex toys in India has everything you want to create some great erotic moments. There are several categories under which products have been segregated with their price range. This would help you choose your preferred product and shop with ease at any sex toys store in India.

Be it a dildo, a vibrator or a masturbator, we have products beyond these, which would give your sex life a big boost. Women can choose to play with their genitals by taking help of lubes and artificial penis. They can even go for breast enlargement creams that are quite safe and easy to use. The sex toys in India are all new with diverse features that stand out from the conventional ones. Men can try out new cock rings and do some foreplay with love sex dolls. Penis enlargement creams are also available under men sex toys in India with the help of which one can now better his performance on bed and also have fun during their solo sessions. Toys for couples include new sex kits and perfumes to go for.

The online adult toys store sells various types of sex toys in India to different corners and also brings amazing offers. Moreover, we have the provision of Cash on Delivery for people living in their respective cities. We ensure complete safety from our side while shipping products. As far as our commitment is concerned, we do not take more than 3 business days to get your products delivered at your doorstep. So, ordering online sex toys in India is not any big deal.

As far as the quality of online sex toys in India is concerned, it leaves no question. Each and every product has been clinically tested and approved by health experts. Keeping in mind all types of skin conditions, online adult toys manufacturers have made products accordingly. This is one of the reasons why online sex toys stores in India have brought herbal sex toys in India. To be precise, there are herbal sex lubricants, herbal coffee packs, herbal penis and breast enlargement crams and so on. All these online herbal sex products are made of natural ingredients designed to keep one’s good health despite all odds.

So, you see how you can benefit from shopping for online sex toys in India. Don’t miss availing the discounts and you might even win surprise gifts on various products. Just choose your favourite adult toy or gadget from the range of online sex toys in India and take utmost pleasure in building a rocking sex life with your partner.


Orgasmsextoy - The Name Says It All

Recently, Orgasmsextoy reported a rising sales figure of bullet vibrators among the sex toys for women. According to our sources, a lot of women have expressed relief in shopping confidentially for sex toys. Moreover, the collection here has also been talked about, especially the new arrivals.

Men, on the other hand, have also expressed immense satisfaction towards buying male sex toys for fixing erection problems. Products like cock rings and penis sleeves have brought back hope to a lot of men who had difficulty having sexual urges.

Couples have shown extreme satisfaction in shopping online from this happening online adult Sex toys shop in India. Delay sprays, strap-on, and BDSM products are creating a buzz among the couple sex toys in Delhi.


We Bring the Freshest Discoveries for Bed Partners

Trying new and innovative things on bed with your partner is always thrilling, and Orgasmsextoy has such exclusive sex toys to make it possible.

Imagine men with low libido unwilling to lie down with their female partners, or women not achieving orgasm after intercourse. Orgasmsextoy creates pure magic in bringing a remarkable collection of adult products for all such sexual issues at your fingertips.


Our Exclusive Adult Products Collection in India

If you have stepped it our store with the expectation of getting something special for your love life, we would not disappoint you. Rather, we assure a very pleasant shopping experience just like we have been doing for years.

Our website clearly presents categories and subcategories. You just need to enter each one, browse extensively and keep shopping.

So, here are our categories which you can browse in detail and load your shopping kart:


Male Sex Toys

We will give thousands of reasons for men to stay happy and contented for the rest of their lives. Our male sex toys collection is good enough to help men tackle various sexual problems.

We offer the safest and most effective adult toys for men that will double the positivity in one’s sex life. 

Under this category, we have got some amazing male strokers, realistic dolls, masturbation toys, big artificial vagina, toy cleaner, penis enlarger device, cock ring, and more.


Female Sex Toys

Orgasmsextoy cares for women too! So, she will have a smile on her face and love to shop from our accessories and needy female sex toys.

Right from enjoying missionaries to rebuilding her sexual stamina, women can keep their shopping kart ready to load with luxury vibrators, sex machine, massagers, glass dildos and what not.

Among the accessories, there will be steel ring, vibrating panty, and all such unique stuff to make her sex life thoroughly enjoyable.

Well, don’t miss out on the needy items like an artificial hymen, moon period cup, and more.


Couple Sex Toys

Couples can take a break from those stereo-type poses and pick up top Couple Sex Toys from our store to spice up their private hours.

The strap-on vibrators, butt plugs, toy cleaners, and anal beads will surely add a new essence to their mundane sex life.


Party Sex Toys

If you have been eyeing for some exclusive bondage accessories, the chastity lock device, leather whip, bondage chair, and mouth ball gag can never go unnoticed.

The male, female, and unisex pheromone sprays are also unmatched. Also, the artistic lighters and scented candles are some great picks in this category.


Lube and Herbal Sex Products in India

The top herbal adult products for males and females are also worth buying here. For instance, the delay sprays, the arousal gels, Thai herbal massage oil, and the coffee enhancers are some of the noteworthy products here.


Long Distance Adult Toys In India

This category of sex toys ( Long Distance Adult Toys ) is for those who think long distance relationship is a pain. Our app control vibrator is no doubt a fantastic sex gadget that would let both the partners have fun from different places.

The range of vibrators here is quite modernized and assures to give couples a never-ending pleasure.


We are Present Everywhere in India

Orgasmsextoy feels proud today to have made an impressive presence throughout India. So, here are some of the cities where we made people proud of their sex life. Take a look:


Sex Toys In Delhi

We are so proud to commence our venture in the heart of our capital city. Yes, it is Delhi from where we started selling our products. Within 14 months, our list of customers got huge. We started getting orders from various corners of the city for different products.

We were really excited when we started getting bulk orders for male masturbation toys and realistic vibrators. The orders for sex toys in Delhi like silicone dolls were no less minor while the demand of massagers started rising higher at one time.

As per our sales report on the basis of how much we prospered in Delhi, we received a record number of orders for anal dildos among the couple sex toys in Delhi in the last 8 months.

Today, we have Cash on Delivery services for everyone wanting to buy sex toys in Delhi online from us. In fact, you can opt for COD services in Agra, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, and Meerut. For all these places the COD time period here is 24 hours.

We have plans to move out to other corners of India and later overseas, and we are confident to make it possible


Sex Toys In Kolkata

This is a very special city where we have sold most of our products. We sold a good number of dildo vibrators and spider sower masturbators at various corners of the city.

We have COD services for buying sex toys in Kolkata online. Our COD delivery period in Kolkata is 24 hours.


Sex Toys in Hyderabad

Orgasmsextoy is happy to have customers from Hyderabad. We observed a surge in anal toys among the people here. If you want to Buy sex toys in Hyderabad then we are the best destination for you.

The COD delivery time here is 2 to 3 working days.


Sex Toys in Bangalore

Bangalore showed a huge interest in penis sleeves and vibrating massagers (Sex Toys in Bangalore). The delivery time for the COD services we offer here is 2 to 3 working days.

Apart from these places, our services reached Dehradun, Amritsar, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Kanpur.


Sex Toys in Pune

In Pune, we did good business( Sex Toys in Pune ). Plenty of orders came for silicone dolls and bondage toys.

We even got responses from Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Nagpur, Pimpri, Nashik, Aurangabad, and more. We have COD services in Mumbai and it’s delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.


Top Trending Adult Products In India 

Get ready to come up with your fresh and naughty techniques on the bed. In fact, it’s time now for some more pleasure in enjoying your lovemaking sessions with your partner.

You will never believe unless you lay your hands on our remarkable range of adult products at Orgasmsextoy.

Remember, the importance of making love is just unmatched. With the passage of time, you have to be better in bed, or otherwise, your partner might lose interest in you. So, why let it happen when there is still scope?

Just let us know which Adult product you want to buy and we will get you there at your doorstep; it’s that simple!

Now, have a quick glance at our top sex toys in India that would give your sex life a reason to celebrate:


Realistic Vibrator

If a dirty solo session is going in your mind, Orgasmsextoy would make things easy for you with a realistic vibrator. With great designs and lifelike sensations, these vibrators are great picks for girls.

Some of the top recommendations are the Black Court Vibrator, Finger Dildo, and Silky Sweety Realistic Vibrator.


Vibrating Massager

The love for sensual massages is old among women, and this vibrating massager justifies it to no end. It brings the strongest sensations on the clitoris, making women mad with passion.

The Mini Vibrating Massager, Palm Magic Wand, and the Magic Wand Vibrator are some of the top picks from our end.


Pussy Pump

Nothing can be happier than a girl allowing her pussy to pump up hard for orgasmic sensations. Our collection of pussy pumps is just too good to try.

Try both our Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro Vibrator and Portable 3 in 1 Clitoris Sucker.


Sex Real Doll

Having sexual intercourse with a sex doll is something men cannot imagine. But the experience it brings is just mind-blowing.

So, if you are one of those men willing to give it a try, go with dolls like the Fashion Girls USA, Double Doll, Clares Acrobatic Fantasy Male Apparatus Doll, etc.


App Control Vibrator

Those who have still not used our app control vibrator will never come to know about its magic unless tried. Just get your smartphone, install the app, switch on the Bluetooth, and get on with it.

Our highest selling Adult Sex Toys products In India are the Lovense Lush Wireless Bluetooth App Vibrator and the Lush 2 Remote Control Vibrator.


Male Masturbator

Masturbation is the best means of self-satisfaction. To enjoy this, men can now choose from a wide range of masturbation toys.

Some of the products that deserve mention in this respect are Horny Rider Masturbator, Pussy in Can, Pocket Pussy, etc. To shop for more exclusive male masturbation toys, do not miss browsing the online sex toys in India.


Penis Enlargement Device

There is nothing to lose hope with an undersized penis for men. Where there is a penis enlargement device, there is positivity in the life of men. With these devices, men will be safe in stretching their penis size and girth as well.

The Ultra Penis Pro Enlargement Pump, Bathmate Hydromax X40, and Super Vacuum Penis Enlarger are some ideal products to consider.


Rabbit Vibrator

Our range of rabbit vibrators is simply unparalleled. Be it caressing your clit or letting your man play with it, our rabbit vibrators will lift up your erotic spirits.

Some of our top recommendations include the Thrusting Rabbit, Super Rabbit Vibrator, and the Mini Rabbit Vibrator.



A very interesting and effective sex toy, strap-on comes attached with a dildo. As it comes in a harness style, the user will have to wear on the waist. The dildo attached to it can be vibrating or non-vibrating.

Some amazing products for consideration are the Shag Me Strap on Dildo Vibrator, Butterfly Remote Control Strap On Vibrator, Wearable Solid Dildo, etc.


Bullet Vibrator

Among all the vibrators, we consider this category to be the most powerful and popular as well. If you are browsing this collection of vibrating dildos, don’t forget to have a look at it.

Do try the Remote Control Vibrating Egg, the Strong Double Bullet Vibrator, and the Smart Ben Wa Balls.


Herbal and Lubricants

Have you been looking for herbal sex products at cheap prices? The online sex toys store brings to you the safest and the best herbal supplements and lubricants for men and women as well.

One can shop for such products as Thai Herbal products, delay sprays, Penis Enlargement Cream, Toy Cleaners, Breast Enlargement Cream, and more.


Breast Enlargement Cream

Orgasmsextoy too preserves a great collection of breast enlargement creams. Don’t worry, these are all safe for the skin and made of the most natural ingredients.

If you are willing to try one for yourself, go for the Kiss Beauty Enlarging Cream for Women, Huomeiren Bust Firm 90 Plentiful Beauty Lotion, and Touch Me Enlarging Cream for Women.


Final Words

Where most of the online sex toy stores are into business, we emphasize more towards keeping India sexually safe. Therefore, we ensure that our customers enjoy the best of health and hygiene through our products as well as rocking sex life.

If you have any queries regarding the usage of any of our Adult products or any assistance regarding order placement, please feel free to call us. We would love to help you.

Call us on +91 8010274324

Email us at [email protected]



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about 8 months
mr a.
28 y.o.
My wife is pleased
My performance has pleased my wife. My most recent purchase of the super dooz 34000 dragon delay spray is a fantastic product. It strengthens me and makes my erection last longer than before. My wife is pleased with my long-term performance as a result of using this product.
about 9 months
Amit P.
This product is truly exceptional
Fantastic!! I enjoy BDSM and have the ideal handcuffs. With these handcuffs in leopard print, I can have an endless amount of fun. It makes my girlfriend and I play cop-thief scenes in bed to have fun and experience orgasmic pleasure.
about 10 months
Milan N.
Best anal toy
The dildo is the best one for anal play. It gives an erotic sensation that drives me crazy. This toy is perfect for my wild anal sessions. The dildo is easy to clean. You will need clean water and soap to make the toy squeaky clean.
about 11 months
Balvan C.
I own a penis
Buying this toy made me own a penis. It comes with a flexible silicone dildo and adjustable leather straps. By wearing the strapon I can have penetrative sex with my partner. I liked the flexibility yet firmness, for which I can try various positions.
about 12 months
Kanchan B.
A cream that makes me confident
Today is my 1st night and I am confident enough to show my stamina. Yes, the credit goes to this incredible product that has slowly increased the size of my penis. I am glad that the foam cream has also solved erectile dysfunction to some extent.
about 1 year
Debraj B.
Designed for deriving pleasure
I love to have sex toys to have fun in bed. It vibes in 2x speed and stimulates quicker than hands. It has sleeves that give the fun of two toys at a time. The toys are washable.
about 1 year
Jeet D.
Betters my sessions
This sleeve serves me a better session. It makes penetration deeper and harder. I can even provide clitoral massage with the bulbous head of the sleeve. It instantly increases my penis length and breadth when I wear it. The silicone content of the sleeve gives a soft and smooth finish.
about 1 year
Ishir M.
keyboard_arrow_right Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Height 4 Feet Material SILICONE Weight 20 kg.
My doll is the best
I have recently bought this doll. Lately, I used to spend my nights alone. But after buying my super girl, my loneliness vanished away. The girl is realistic and super soft. The product quality is superior. I got the best quality product at the lowest price. Now all my erotic fantasies are coming true.
about 1 year
Kabir B.
My doll makes me moan louder!
The doll is realistic and feels more pleasurable than an actual girl. She has two entries with life-like finishing. You will also be able to spot her clitoris and rub your gun in it. I have got the actual pleasure of penetration with this doll.
about 1 year
Jitendra S.
Got the best toy
I’m so much happy that I have a wonderful doll that looks like a real girl. She is my best partner in bed and I can hardly control my feelings for her. I just like to sleep with her and feel her soft body every time.
about 1 year
Deven J.
Great toy is here
I am very energetic. The reason is this silicone love doll with soft and sexy body. She is just awesome as I can make her my bed partner anytime I want. The private parts are just real-like. I have done different types of naughtiness with her.
about 1 year
Kanan J.
Marvelous moments with this toy
Masturbation is fun. The doggy style Debbie is my favourite as I can penetrate inside her and get unlimited fun till I attain orgasms. The fabulous sensations make me go crazy with the naughty ideas that I can’t stay without implementing.
about 1 year
Vikas P.
Amazing nights with this toy
I feel affectionate to make my nights better now. The credit of this goes my new masturbation toy that has a suction cup. It provides a pleasure by locking the vacuum present inside it. As a result, I can get the feel of inserting fully by playing with it. The dumbbell-shaped toy looks great and I am totally happy after every use.
about 1 year
Pritam .
Feelings are mind-blowing now
I am single man who is finding for limitless pleasure. Thanks to my friend who has suggested me to try this male stroker that has brilliant design and unique way to give pleasure. It makes me go naughty with the softness of the toy.
about 1 year
Shyam M.
New plans for me are here
I have craze for new things and of masturbation toys. So, this time I have grabbed a male masturbation toy that is soft and looks very awesome. I am glad that this one is out of the box and the quality of this one has impressed me. I am happy that this one is easily washable. I am excited that this miniature girl has provided the unlimited fun.
about 1 year
Radhika G.
Happy and satisfied after using this brilliant product
I can say that herbal products like this are the best. It makes me feel happy like anything in bed. This is because I can flaunt my big breasts in front of my lover. The cream is light and I always massage this cream in a circular motion. I apply it daily twice and the results are just mind-blowing. I always wash my hands and breasts before applying this cream.
about 1 year
Mina J.
Enjoying the new device with passion
You know my life is better with this device. I have brought this breast enlargement machine that has helped me to lead an easy going life. This machine has helped me to have bigger and sexy breasts that make me look stunning in any dress. The seven different modes of vibrations are the best to make me feel erotic. The remote make the handling super easy.
about 1 year
Disha O.
Finally I am relaxed after using this one
I was married for a long time. But both I and my husband wanted to try something exclusive. So, I have finally thought of trying an artificial hymen that is quite popular among my friends. It is a nice and original looking hymen that fits nicely around my real body part. It makes me feel that I am in the early twenties. Moreover, making love is also easy by using this one.
Lovely B.
Wonderful and innovative stimulator
I am not singe but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun by myself. Hence I got a vibrating panty that makes the life super enjoyable. The vibrating panty is easy to wear and I can simply carry it within my dress and go out to any place. I can control the remote and start or stop it like this.
Anita R.
Things are totally pleasurable with vibrator
Not all toys are used to insert some pleasurable toys are good to sensitize the privates as well. The nipple clamp vibrator is the perfect ones that makes the private hours enjoyable. Yes, the clamps have eggs attached to it that gives vibrations that make the enjoyment greater that before. This one goes well with any kind of toy.
Poonam Y.
Believe me, this one is awesome
There are several toys but this time I bought something more than just a mere toy. It is a sex kit that has several features that makes the teasing more enjoyable. Yes, I place the pads over my private area and then I get unlimited pulsation from the toy. Even I can change the combination and have fun.
Mona S.
keyboard_arrow_right Beauty Sex vibrator Kit SK-001
Color SKIN No. of Unit 9 Material SILICONE Vibrating YES Vibrating Mode HIGH SPEED No. of Battery Required 2 Size of...
Totally a different experience I have gained
I am against all types of dull hours. So, this time I have not picked up one single toy rather I chose a sex kit. It is a box with a steel vibrator and 5 different types of sleeves. All of them are nice and are of various shapes. They are tender and provide me unlimited fun whenever I play with it. Even there is a gel present in it.
Chhaya B.
Lovely hours at night
My new year has started in a new way with my lelo vibrator that is also new. The toy looks special from any other vibrator but works fantastically. The lelo massager is an exceptional vibrator that gives fabulous vibes and helps to turn me on. I like the operations as it is hassle-free like anything. Even the silent vibes are just mind-blowing. Even the colour combination is wow.
Shraboni G.
Music vi8brator changed my life
Two days back I got this music vibrator from this online store. Well, that is now possible as I have the right music vibrator for me. The length is just perfect and it also goes deep inside the end of the private area and makes me feel naughty like anything. The ipod makes me tune in any music that slowly takes me to a new world of pleasure.
Shanti B.
I am super excited
Excitement has reached to the highest level as I have got a brilliant sex machine from this online store. The toy is very different as it has a similarity with machine gun. The insertable portion is just fabulous as it slowly slides inside and teases the g-spot without much trouble. I can wash this one as well.
Padmini D.
Things have changed
My collection of mature toys is now updated as the bullet vibrator has been added. The toy is just right as it teases the right spot without much difficulty. The 20 different modes of vibrations slowly turn me on and help me to attain orgasms as well. The remote makes the job super easy to control the toy.
Punam P.
Unbelievable moments at night are just awesome
Change in having intimate fun is now easy by using the brilliant vibrating massager. The length of this vibrator is just amazing and I am amazed to see the performance it does by stirring the private area. Even I have enjoyed around 4000 vibrations in a single minute only. The handle makes me easy to grip this toy nicely and enjoy.
Khushi D.
Take the responsibility in your own hands
The process of deriving pleasure is not very easy and so I took it on my hands only. I bought this incredible g-spot vibrator as this one smoothly goes inside my private area and stimulates me completely. The single mode of vibration gives limitless fun to me throughout the night. I love the softness of the toy very much.
Anshu M.
keyboard_arrow_right G Spot Jelly Vibrator - Tongue GS-005
Color PINK Total Length 5 Insertable Length 4 Dia 4 Material SILICONE Vibrating YES Vibrating Mode 7 MODE No....
Can’t take my eyes-off
I am super excited to have a wonderful g-spot vibrator that looks amazing. This is my recent purchased g-spot vibrator that looks incredible in pink colour. The shape of this vibrator is quite different from the rest and I like it has dots all over the insertable length. The single mode of vibration makes me happy and satisfied.
Sakshi D.
keyboard_arrow_right Super Soft Tongue Vibrator FV-008
Height 3 Width 4 Depth 3 Colour SKIN Total Length 2.2 Insertable Length 1 Dia 2.5 Material CYBERSKIN SILICONE...
Companion for my loneliness
I stay alone away from my home. Moreover, I am single and happy to be like this only. But I don’t like enjoy boredom at nights either. So, this fun vibrator I bought is just exceptional and gives company to at all the mundane and naughty nights. I love the various vibrations from the toy and length of the vibrator is also very good.
Aliya D.
keyboard_arrow_right Hammer Blue Vibrator FV-003
Colour SOFT PINK Total Length 8.5 Insertable Length 4 Dia 4.1 Material SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless NO No. of...
Absolute fun at every night
Hello friends, my inner desires are fulfilled as I have a very trendy mature toy. The hammer shaped head gives me perfect stimulation in the inner areas and satisfies me completely. The toy is very easy to handle as it has a single mode of vibration. I am impressed with the softness of the toy as well.
Manita P.
Nights are brilliant with glass dildo
My life is always fabulous as I have tried various mature toys beforehand. But this time I bought a manual toy from this website that gives me unlimited fun in bed. Yes, this red spiral glass dildo has a curve at the top that helps to pinpoint t he right area for perfect stimulation in bed.
Keya A.
keyboard_arrow_right Luxurious Field Multispeed Vibrator LXV-011
Colour NEON PINK Total Length 5.3 Insertable Length 3.6 Dia 3 Material SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless NO No. of...
Life is happier than before
I am very excited to have a new kind of vibrator that gives me satisfaction. The luxury vibrator I bought is very nice and it makes me happy and excited in the private moments. The neon pink colour of the toy is very impressive and it helps me to have orgasms very easily every night.
Anamika S.
Brilliant mature toy for me
Never ever imagined that adult toys can do magic in my private life. The luxury vibrator I bought 6 month before has altered my concept about the mature toy. Now, I can’t even think of returning to the old ways of deriving pleasure. The vibrations are just outstanding and have changed my viewpoint as well.
Savita K.
My mundane life is now enjoyable.
The rabbit vibrators is a fantastic mature toy that slowly and steadily makes me naughty in bed. The lengthy toy pinpoints the right area without much difficulty. The toys vibrate and rotate inside and give me unlimited fun.
Urmila B.
keyboard_arrow_right Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator RV-001
Color MULTI COLOR Total Length 9 Insertable Length 5 Dia 4.5 Material SILICONE Vibrating YES Vibrating Mode 7 MODE...
It gives me perfect stimulator
No more boring life and lazy nights as I have a brilliant option available on this website. The toy is long and it perfectly goes inside the intimate area without much difficulty. The toy is an excellent stimulator that gives me unmatched fun in bed every night. The vibrating modes are very good.
Tanuja K.
Highly recommended mature toy for female
I am very particular about buying mature toys and so I only go for high-quality mature toys. The pump is helpful to make it thicker and the toy is washable as well.
Pallavi C.
Real-like body part is my fantasies
I always prefer to have high-quality adult toys that give 100% satisfaction. It is safe to use in the private area. So, the double dong jelly wand is my favourite toy. The length and thickness both are very impressive.
Pratibha B.
keyboard_arrow_right Double Dong Ultra Flexi Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-001
Color MULTI COLOR Total Length 10 Insertable Length 10 Dia 3 Material SILICONE Vibrating No No. of Battery Required No...
Good quality product
I am divorced for 3 months but that doesn’t mean that I lead a boring life. However, thanks to the website as they have given me the right pleasurable dildo with double penetrating sides.
Hema R.
The skin colour is my favourite as well
Time to time my desire and want changes. But I make sure to have something unique and pleasurable. That’s the reason I bought this vibrator penetrating device from this website. The toy is really sensational and the operations are easy as well.
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