Buy Mega Thick silicone Penis Sleeves in India

Penish Extender Sleeve

Mega thick silicone penis sleeve in India is now available online at a low price. You will get premium quality sleeves. The sleeves come with a vibrator which causes vibratory stimulation in the penis. It is battery-operated and has a textured body that gives stimulation.

This toy is specialized in delayed erection. These washable silicone condoms have a rounded head with a smooth body. The penis easily fits in the hollow sleeve. The specialty of this toy is that it is washable and one can reuse it. You can get this awesome product at our online shop.

Advantages of Mega Thick Silicone Penis Sleeves in India

Mega thick silicone penis sleeves in India are widely used by men suffering from penis dysfunctions. There are various problems including erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction. One can enjoy long time intercourse with this sleeve. The textured body of the toy adds to the stimulation of intercourse. The toy is easy to wash.